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What The Fish 2024

“What The Fish,” also titled “Manam Manam Barampuram,” is a fascinating Telugu movie expected to be a notable production in 2024. With Manchu Manoj Kumar in the title character and Varun Korukunda directing, this movie promises to be an emotional rollercoaster that combines dark comedy with exhilarating family fun. Here’s a preview of what makes this movie so highly recommended.

Cast & Crew of the Film

Manchu Manoj Kumar, an actor well-known for his dynamic performances, plays the movie’s lead. Niharika Konidela complements him with charm, raising the movie’s attractiveness. A group of seasoned performers renowned for their comedic and dramatic skills also appear in the movie. Under the 6ix Cinemass label, “What The Fish,” directed by Varun Korukunda and produced by Vishal and Surya Bezawada, features music by Shakthikanth Karthick, providing an aural feast to go along with its storyline.

Film Story

“What The Fish” is touted as a dark comedy with thrilling elements set against a family entertainer backdrop, while the specific narrative details are still unknown. This unusual pairing points to a plot that will keep viewers intrigued, entertained, and on the edge of their seats. The exciting title foreshadows surprising turns and turns inside a lighthearted but gripping story.

Film Trailer

Though “What The Fish” hasn’t published a trailer, interest is growing. Trailers for movies that blend genres like suspense and comedy frequently establish the mood for an engaging and thought-provoking cinematic experience. A sneak peek at “What The Fish” is much anticipated by fans hoping to taste the mystery, humor, and drama the movie promises to offer.

Date of Release

“What The Fish” will make its theatrical debut on March 24, 2024, so be sure to mark that date on your calendars. The movie’s excitement grows as its release date draws near, and viewers anticipate a different cinematic experience.

Date of OTT Release

There is no information regarding “What The Fish”‘s OTT release date. Viewers can anticipate enjoying this unique blend of humor and suspense from the comfort of their homes soon after its theatrical run, considering the recent trend of movies swiftly transferring to digital platforms.

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Reviews of “What The Fish” are premature because the movie has not yet been released. But given its original idea, Manchu Manoj Kumar’s track record, and director Varun Korukunda’s artistic vision, it seems a noteworthy addition to Telugu cinema. Both reviewers and viewers are eager to watch how this dark comedy-thriller plays out.

With a mix of humor, mystery, and family drama, “What The Fish” looks to be a welcome change from the norm. This movie is set to be one of the best entertainment experiences of 2024, thanks to its engaging plot, captivating music, and talented cast. Excitation for “What The Fish” is building as the release date approaches, making it one of the year’s most anticipated movies.



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