New Telugu Movies 2023

New Telugu Movies 2023

  • Rakshasa Raja 2024

    Rakshasa Raja 2024

    “Rakshasa Raja” is preparing to be an action movie about a Telugu mobster that would enthrall viewers with its realistic…

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  • Mahendragiri Varahi 2024

    Mahendragiri Varahi 2024

    With promises of an exciting adventure that would keep viewers on the edge of their seats, “Mahendragiri Varahi” is shaping…

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  • Lucky Baskhar 2024

    Lucky Baskhar 2024

    “Lucky Baskhar” is teasing a promising mix of drama and family values, making it a much-awaited addition to the Telugu…

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  • RC 16 2024

    RC 16 2024

    “RC 16” is anticipated to be a romantic comedy generating excitement in the Telugu cinema industry. Under the direction of…

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  • Family Star 2024

    Family Star 2024

    “Family Star,” a Telugu love film with a star-studded cast and a touching story, is scheduled to be released on…

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  • Matka 2024

    Matka 2024

    “Matka” is expected to be a compelling period action thriller in Telugu that transports viewers to another era. This movie,…

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  • Tillu Square 2024

    Tillu Square 2024

    Get ready for a laughter-filled adventure with “Tillu Square,” the next Telugu movie set to bring a fresh wave of…

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  • Zebra 2024

    Zebra 2024

    “Zebra” is a Telugu movie with a captivating blend of drama, action, and mystery. Satya Dev is central to this…

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  • Game Changer 2024

    Game Changer 2024

    With its promising action-packed plot, “Game Changer” is already making waves in the Telugu cinema. Ram Charan and Kiara Advani…

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  • Magic 2024

    Magic 2024

    The Telugu musical extravaganza “Magic” will be released soon, and moviegoers are already taking notice. This Film, which Gowtam Tinnanuri…

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