Telugu Movies

Telugu Movies

  • The India House 2024

    The India House 2024

    “The India House” is developing into a noteworthy Telugu action thriller that will enthrall viewers with its compelling plot and…

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  • VD 12 2024

    VD 12 2024

    The highly anticipated Telugu action drama “VD 12” generates excitement among film fans. This film, helmed by Gowtam Tinnanuri and…

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  • Mr. Bachchan 2024

    Mr. Bachchan 2024

    Directed by Harish Shankar, “Mr. Bachchan” is a romantic action comedy much awaited in Telugu. This Movie, which stars the…

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  • Sharwa35 2024

    Sharwa35 2024

    With its captivating narrative that skillfully combines drama and family themes, “Sharwa35” will surely be a heartfelt contribution to Telugu…

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  • Sabhaku Namaskaram 2024

    Sabhaku Namaskaram 2024

    As the newest Telugu movie to hit theatres, “Sabhaku Namaskaram” looks to be a pleasant romantic comedy. Starring in this…

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  • Bachhala Malli 2024

    Bachhala Malli 2024

    The next Telugu drama, “Bachhala Malli,” looks to be a touching story about relationships and family values. Under the Hasya…

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  • Tyson Naidu 2024

    Tyson Naidu 2024

    “Tyson Naidu” is set to be an exciting action drama that will enthrall Telugu moviegoers with its gripping story and…

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  • Rakshasa Raja 2024

    Rakshasa Raja 2024

    “Rakshasa Raja” is preparing to be an action movie about a Telugu mobster that would enthrall viewers with its realistic…

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  • Dacoit 2024

    Dacoit 2024

    The Telugu romantic action thriller “Dacoit” is already making waves among film fans. WFilmAdivi Sesh and Shruti Haasan are the…

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  • Mahendragiri Varahi 2024

    Mahendragiri Varahi 2024

    With promises of an exciting adventure that would keep viewers on the edge of their seats, “Mahendragiri Varahi” is shaping…

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