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Fully & Selectively: Backup iPhone to Other Hard Drives

Why Do You Want to Backup iPhone to Other Hard Drives?

On your iPhone, you might save different significant information, including documents, precious photos, contacts, videos, etc. Taking into account the significance of this information, ideal reinforcement is pivotal to forestalling harm or deficiency of iPhone.

Fully or Selectively Backup iPhone Data to PC with FoneTool

Before you start backing up your iPhone, you can initially comprehend your reinforcement needs and afterward pick the fitting method for sponsoring up your gadget. For the most part talking, there are two reinforcement techniques: full backup iPhone and selective backup iPhone.

Full backup allows you to backup everything on your iPhone.

  • Full backup makes it simple to reestablish all information to one more devices with a single tick.
  • Full backup can actually guarantee the security of all information and no information will be lost.

Selective backup supports you to choose to backup any files you want individually.

  • High flexibility
  • At the point when you decide to back up a limited quantity of information, it can finish the reinforcement quicker and save time.

Presently you have some thoughts regarding picking which backup methods. I realize that there is a free iPhone backup tool – FoneTool, which has both full backup and selective backup capabilities. With only one tool, you can execute different smart backup techniques.

  • Simple to utilize. It has an easy to use interface, I can without much of a stretch get everything rolling despite the fact that I’m not educated.
  • Quick backup speed. Both specifically reinforcement and complete reinforce continue fast. For instance, I can reinforcement 300 photographs like a flash.
  • Preview and selectively backup. Before reinforcement, I can see the records on my hard drive, similar to PC, and pick the documents I really want.
  • Fully backup with one click. With a few clicks, FoneTool can backup everything from iPhone to other outside hard drives, like Windows, iPad, and others.
  • Restore to different Apple ID. FoneTool supports you to backup, transfer, and restore iPhone data with different Apple ID.

Simple Guide to Backup iPhone to Other Hard Drive

Now, whether you need to back up particular documents or need to back up all iPhone information, you can follow the simple steps to use FoneTool to backup iPhone in different ways.

Part 1. Fully backup iPhone to other hard drives

Step 1. Link your iPhone to the computer with USB > Go to FoneTool > Choose Phone Backup > Move mouse to Full Backup > Tap Get Started.

Step 3. Set a storage path to save the backup > Click Start Backup > After it is finished, you can  see the backups on the Backup History page.

Tip: If you need to, you can check Enable Backup encryption. At the point when it is empowered, your information like Keychain, Wellness records, and so on will remain private.

Step 4. Then navigate to Backup History page> Locate the iPhone backup you need > Tap the three-dot and Restore to recover the iPhone data.

Part 2. Selectively backup iPhone to Windows PC

Step 1. Connect the iPhone to the computer with a USB > Launch FoneTool > Locate Phone Backup > Choose Selective Backup > Tap Get Started.

Step 2. Check the file icon that you need to backup > Then you can preview and choose the specific files > Tap OK to continue.

Step 3. After setting a storage path > Click Start Backup to make the process.

By the way, FoneTool has other features, like Phone Transfer. It supports you to switch file multiple files at a fast speed. You can easily transfer photos from computer to iPhone, computer to PC, or iPhone to iPhone.


From above, you can choose two different ways to backup iPhone to other external hard drives: full backup and select backup. No matter what way, it has its characteristics, you can choose according to your needs.

If you want to back up the entirety of your information, a full backup is a more helpful choice. If you just have to reinforce a few explicit information, for example, photos, music, messages, and so on, you can utilize select backup to accomplish these thoughts.

FoneTool as a professional and powerful iOS data backup tool, can meet both the needs of full backup and selective backup. Bring you the best and most convenient user experience!

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