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How to Recover Permanently Deleted Photos on PC? 

is it possible to recover permanently deleted photos? If you’re facing the challenge of permanently recovering deleted Windows images, no need to worry. I’m here to help you effectively recover your lost photos. Unfortunately, data loss is a common reason. Whether it’s from a computer, hard disk, phone or SD card, many people store important data such as pictures and videos on their computer and use the “Shift + Delete” command to avoid recycling.

But don’t be afraid if you can’t find important folders or files in the junk after accidentally deleting them. There are ways to recover permanently deleted photos on Windows, and I’ll talk about them in this article.

5 ways to recover deleted images on Windows without software

These methods do not require third-party software. Give you more options to consider.

Method 1: Get deleted images from the recycling tank. 

Begin by scanning the recycle tank as the delete images may still be there. Just open the recycler tank, find the images you want to recover, select them, right click on them, and select “Recover”. This will bring the images back to their original position.

Method 2: Use WinfrGUI to permanently recover deleted photos. 

WinfrGUI is a reliable and free data recovery tool designed specifically for Windows. It makes photo recovery easier with its easy-to-use interface and powerful features. This tool supports SD cards and other storage media, making it versatile. To permanently restore your delete photos. Please download and install WinfrgUI on your Windows PC. Then start the program selecting image scanning drive first and choosing which one you want to restore. Finally, click on “Recover” to easily find your photos.

Method 3: Use the file history to recover deleted photos. 

If you have the habit of backing up your photos, you can recover the delete photos from the script. Versions of Windows 8 and Windows 10 have a useful tool called a file history, which automatically backups your computer information, including photos, videos and documents. To take advantage of this feature, go to the folder from where the photos were removed, type “file history” in your PC’s search box and select “recover your files with file history” from there, find the files or images you want to restore, select them, and click on the “green” button to revive them.

Method 4: Permanently recover deleted images from backup files. 

Another backup feature available in Windows is the Switch and Recover tool. Open the control panel to the security system. Find backups and restore them. (applicable to Windows 7). For Windows 7 users, select Backup and Recover from the option. If not, select File Recovery from the Backup option, select My file recovery list or all recovered user files, then find the missing images and click back to recover them.

Method 5: Recover deleted photos from previous versions. 

You can still permanently browse the delete photos on Windows using the previous version. Just right click on the missing folder or uncheck, select “Recover Previous Version” and select the “File Recover” option. If you don’t see this option, please enable “System Protection” in the control panel. When the recovery process is complete, you can recover delete files.

More information about permanently deleted photos

There are several common reasons for permanently deleted photos, such as deleting photos and removing recyclable tanks using the Shift + Delete command and becoming a victim of a virus attack. However, whether you lose or delete your photos, you can rely on WinfrGUI, which has a high success rate in recovering them.

To verify that your images have been permanently deleted, you can do this in two ways. First, check the recycling tank. If the photos are not removed, it will show permanent deletion. Second, do a file search using their name. If no results are found, the images may be permanently removed. In such cases you can rely on WinfrGUI to recover them reliably.

To avoid similar data loss situations in the future, please consider these tips:

  • Make a regular backup of your photos on an external storage device to prepare for unexpected data loss. Connect your SD card, external hard drive or phone to your computer and save it as a backup. During a recovery or backup process. Avoid adding or deleting files in storage.
  • When recovering photos, save them to a different location from where they were lost or deleted. This keeps them safe and prevents accidental deletion.

By following these tips and using WinfrGUI, you can easily permanently recover deleted photos with a high success rate. Do not let data loss steal your precious memories. Act and protect your valuable images.

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