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Double iSmart 2024

“Double iSmart” is set to be an exciting follow-up to the 2019 sci-fi blockbuster hit “iSmart Shankar.” With Ram Pothineni in the title role and Puri Jagannadh directing, this action-romance movie promises to enthrall viewers with its gripping plot and thrilling action scenes. The Puri Jagannadh and Charmme Kaur-produced movie “Double iSmart” is slated for release in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and Hindi. It is distributed throughout India under the Puri Connects banner.

Cast & Crew of the Film

Resuming his role as iSmart Shankar, Ram Pothineni brings the charm and vigor that audiences adored from the first movie. Sanjay Dutt is also in the cast, giving the follow-up more star power and mystery. The rest of the cast and crew are still a mystery. However, the movie’s history points to a group of exceptionally gifted people in front of and behind the camera.

Film Story

The plot of “Double iSmart” is being kept under wraps. However, it is anticipated that the exciting adventures of iSmart Shankar will continue. The sequel is expected to explore the character’s journey in greater detail and combine science fiction, romance, and action to provide an exciting and unique story. Viewers of the first movie can anticipate a narrative that builds upon the world introduced in “iSmart Shankar,” presenting fresh obstacles and turns for the adored lead character.

Film Trailer

Although the official “Double iSmart” trailer has not yet been released, interest in it is high. Action-packed sequel trailers frequently offer a preview of the movie’s main plot, character interactions, and set pieces. The first glimpse at the sequel’s direction and how it expands on the framework set by its predecessor is much anticipated by fans.

Date of Release

The nationwide debut of “Double iSmart” is scheduled for March 8, 2024, the day of Maha Shivaratri. With this deliberate release window, the movie will provide fans nationwide with cinematic pleasure while taking advantage of the holiday season. Fans of Puri Jagannadh’s work and fans of Ram Pothineni are getting incredibly excited as the release date draws near, and many are anticipating the sequel’s distinctive action-romance formula.

Date of OTT Release

The OTT release date for “Double iSmart” has not yet been disclosed. On the other hand, viewers can anticipate watching “Double iSmart” shortly from the comfort of their homes, considering the present trend of movies becoming available on digital platforms soon after their theatrical release.

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Reviews are premature as “Double iSmart” has not yet been released. But given the movie’s idea, the talent in it, and the prospect of a mega-hit sequel, it is a significant contribution to the genre. Both reviewers and viewers eagerly anticipate “Double iSmart,” eager to see how the movie elevates the iSmart Shankar story to unprecedented heights.

“Double iSmart” looks to be a movie that tests the limits of science fiction and action in Indian cinema while also being entertaining. Fans of Telugu cinema and beyond should not miss “Double iSmart” because of its outstanding cast, seasoned crew, and intriguing storyline.



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