New Telugu Movies 2023

New Telugu Movies 2023

  • Operation Valentine 2024

    Operation Valentine 2024

    “Operation Valentine” is expected to be a remarkable Telugu movie, fusing the mystery and action genres into a fascinating story.…

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  • The Girlfriend 2024

    The Girlfriend 2024

    One recent love drama making headlines in the Telugu movie industry is “The Girlfriend.” This movie, which the gifted Rahul…

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  • Raju Yadav 2024

    Raju Yadav 2024

    “Raju Yadav” is a charming movie that will undoubtedly surprise viewers with its clever combination of comedy and romance. This…

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  • Sabhaku Namaskaram 2024

    Sabhaku Namaskaram 2024

    As the newest Telugu movie to hit theatres, “Sabhaku Namaskaram” looks to be a pleasant romantic comedy. Starring in this…

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  • Champion 2024

    Champion 2024

    The upcoming Telugu sports drama “Champion” is generating a lot of interest among moviegoers. This Pradeep Adavatham-directed movie, which stars…

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  • Kartikeya 8 2024

    Kartikeya 8 2024

    “Kartikeya 8” is expected to be an exciting movie that will undoubtedly excite viewers with its exciting combination of drama…

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  • Garuda Chapter 1 2024

    Garuda Chapter 1 2024

    Satya Dev leads this exciting adventure as “Garuda Chapter 1” sets the stage for an action-packed cinematic experience. This movie,…

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  • OG - Original Gangsters 2024

    OG – Original Gangsters 2024

    With Pawan Kalyan as the lead actor and Sujeeth directing, “OG – Original Gangsters” is expected to be a remarkable…

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  • Hari Hara Veera Mallu 2024

    Hari Hara Veera Mallu 2024

    The forthcoming Telugu historical drama “Hari Hara Veera Mallu” has generated buzz even before it premieres. With Pawan Kalyan in…

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  • Bachhala Malli 2024

    Bachhala Malli 2024

    The next Telugu drama, “Bachhala Malli,” looks to be a touching story about relationships and family values. Under the Hasya…

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