How to Migrate Personal Google Drive to G Suite Without Downloading


Do you feel cumbersome to migrate personal Google Drive to G Suite by downloading and uploading? Have you ever thought of automatically moving all the files at once? This post will give you what you want! Here you can get to know a popular free cloud file migration service, MultCloud. It can help you connect your personal Google Drive with G Suite and transfer files directly at a fast speed. If you are curious about this robust service, continue reading this post!

What is MultCloud?

Founded in 2012, MultCloud is a mature cloud storage manager that has over 10 years of cloud file transfer experience. It allows you to manage all your cloud storage services in one place and you can add 30+ clouds, such as Google Drive, G Suite (Google Workspace), Google Photos, Dropbox, Dropbox Business, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, iCloud Drive, iCloud Photos, MEGA, Icedrive, iDrive e2, 4shared, Amazon S3, Box, Box for Business, etc.

To manage files on a single cloud, MultCloud offers functions like Upload, Download, Copy, Delete, Rename, Cut, Share, Email Download, and Remote Upload. But for cloud-to-cloud communication, you can use its Cloud Transfer, Team Transfer, Cloud Backup, Cloud Sync, Email Migration, and Save Webpage as PDF functions.

  • Cloud Transfer: Directly transfer files from one cloud to another without downloading.
  • Team Transfer: Auto-match the subaccounts and transfer files between business clouds.
  • Cloud Backup: Backup cloud files to another and restore with different versions.
  • Cloud Sync: Real-time sync files between clouds with 10 customizable sync modes.
  • Email Migration: Convert emails into PDF files and save them to the cloud in batches.
  • Save Webpage as PDF: Save an entire webpage to the cloud as a PDF/PNG file.

Benefits of Using MultCloud to Migrate Personal Google Drive to G Suite

To migrate personal Google Drive to G Suite, Cloud Transfer is the best choice among all MultCloud functions. First, it can transfer files without downloading files from Google Drive and uploading them to G Suite. Besides, it gives you several transfer options. You can choose to delete all the files on Google Drive after they are migrated to G Suite to free up Google Drive space. Moreover, Cloud Transfer supports scheduling the task. You can set your preferred time to start the migration task.

Except for the above benefits, Cloud Transfer also allows you to select multiple clouds or accounts as the transfer source. For example, if you have more than one Google Drive account, you can add all of them to MultCloud (you are allowed to add unlimited accounts), select them as the source, and transfer all the Google Drive files to G Suite in the same task. Of course, you can select a Google Drive account and a Dropbox account or others as the source, too.

You don’t have to worry about the transfer speed since MultCloud uses data traffic for file transfer which is more stable than network connection and supports offline transfer. And the speed can be even faster when you become a premium user. Furthermore, you can run 2 tasks simultaneously which can be 10 when you upgrade your plan.

How to Migrate Personal Google Drive to G Suite via MultCloud

In this part, you can get a step-by-step guide for using MultCloud Cloud Transfer to migrate personal Google Drive to G Suite.

Step 1. Open the MultCloud website and sign up for a MultCloud account. You can click the “Get started for free” button on its homepage and enter your email address and password to register. Or, you can directly sign up with your Google/Apple/Facebook account.

Step 2. Add Google Drive and G Suite (Google Workspace) accounts to MultCloud. By clicking “Add Cloud” and the cloud logo, you can log in to the cloud account in the pop-up window.

Note: If you are a G Suite admin and want to manage all the subaccounts on MultCloud, you can choose “Access Organization” and log in to your admin account.

Step 3. Select “Cloud Transfer” in the left bar and choose your personal Google Drive account in the FROM box and the G Suite account in the TO box.

Step 4. Open “Options” to check the transfer settings and click “Transfer Now” to start this task.


If you want to migrate personal Google Drive to G Suite without downloading, why not try MultCloud Cloud Transfer? It can automatically transfer files and gives you options to personalize your task. Don’t waste time on traditinal way and embrace the convience new way now!

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