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Case Studies: Successful Home Builds in Thailand with Landyhome


Thailand is now a sought-after destination for people looking to build their dream homes. With its diverse environments and warm culture, this Southeast Asian nation has much to offer those in search of the perfect place to live. And while there are countless home builders in Thailand, a longtime competitor is a cut above the rest. Landyhome builds dreams and isn’t afraid to get a little creative when necessary. Here we’ll look at a few of the projects Landyhome has brought to life recently.

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The Modern Tropical Villa in Phuket: A Case Study

  • Imagine a family from Europe that wants a modern tropical villa. They’re looking for a home that will make indoor and outdoor living a truly seamless experience. And they’re making the most of that great coastline view in Phuket.
  • Well, our architects have got just the kind of spacious, open-plan abode with floor-to-ceiling windows to offer those breathtaking vistas. And here’s the best part. A large infinity pool as part of the setup is amazing. But now multiply the delight of being in the pool by the number of terraces accessible for indoor/outdoor dining and relaxation. Sounds good?
  • They really are! You must listen to what the family has to say for a perfect advertisement.
  • Or tell a story about it.

Chiang Mai’s Traditional Thai Home

  • A Vision from the Clients: A U.S. couple wanted to see a traditional Thai house built for them that would reside in great respect by the local culture and the Thai architecture that has influenced it.
  • How the Team Achieved the Vision: The Landy Home team researched the traditional design elements of old Thai houses and replicated them in the new house they built in Thailand. The architecture includes striking woodwork, a steeply sloping roof, and a lovely, peaceful courtyard as a center to the house.
  • What the Clients Thought of the Work: “Landyhome did an astonishing job. We hardly dared hope that such a beautiful, traditional Thai house could be constructed for us. And yet here it is, totally genuine in look and feel, very much a part of the land.”

Koh Lanta’s Retreat for the Eco-Conscious

Client’s Aim: An investor who cared about the environment sought to establish an unfaltering presence on a small Thai island—a home, really, but one with as tenuous of a relationship to said island as possible. (They don’t want to be seen; they don’t want to be heard—kind of like a local fish.) So Landy Home did the next best thing; they designed that investor an energy-efficient, non-toxic, visually stunning place to live—and a healthy-for-the-island presence to boot.

The Luxury Condominium in Bangkok

  • Project overview: A developer with pared-down cash flow but an eye on fortunate condominium market conditions in the heart of Bangkok managed to conjure a luxury complex out of the air. The company achieved all of this while saving on costs and maintaining an on-time delivery schedule.
  • The building: The towering structure in the heart of Bangkok’s business district encompasses the finest design elements. Classic Thai pieces were used as the base, then were overlaid with modern and luxurious finishes. With a construction budget that was nearly always strained, the managing company had to make tough choices in the selection of materials. Nonetheless, the project was delivered to a discerning public on schedule and with costs contained within the budget.


The case studies presented below demonstrate just how versatile, creative, and adaptable we are—and just how perfectly tailored each of our homes really is. Read on and let these real-world examples speak for themselves. Feel free to contact us for more stories; we have plenty to share (each home we build comes with its own story, after all). And if you’d like—really, even if you’re just kicking around the idea (and trust us, if you are, you definitely should get in touch)—we’d be happy to discuss your project with you.

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