Attractive New88 football betting app, winning “huge” rewards

Outstanding advantages of the New88 football betting app

Currently, there is no shortage of providers that allow downloads and online betting, but Bookmaker New88 attracts thousands of players every day. According to bettors, the New88 football betting app has many outstanding advantages, interesting gameplay and more attractive rewards.

Diverse easy-to-win bets

The betting odds of the New88 football app are an important factor to “hold on” to you, with a variety of handicap types for players to choose from. When you predict the correct score, a super “huge” bonus amount will be injected immediately into your account.

According to the survey, at New88 Bookmaker, the betting models that attract the most players include European 1×2, Handicap, Over/Under…

The New88 football app interface is friendly and easy to operate

The app interface is professionally designed, the colors and layout are harmonious and pleasing to the player’s eyes. Just go to the New88 football betting app, you will easily find bets on reputable matches. The major tournament halls are located on the home page interface, players just need to click a single hand to close their favorite bets.

In addition to the beautiful interface, the app is also extremely smooth, you can watch the match and bet continuously for 3-4 hours without lag.

Attractive incentives for those participating in betting

Whether you are a newbie or a long-time “expert”, joining the New88 football app will also receive many incentives. Specifically:

  • Buy insurance for losing World Cup bets with up to 100% support.
  • Deposit money to play now to receive attractive rewards up to 1.68 million VND.
  • Winning bets pay a maximum payout of up to 108%.
  • Offer unlimited deposits, accumulate deposits and receive rewards up to 3.3 million VND.

Dedicated customer care, quick problem solving

Currently, the New88 football app’s personal care service serves you in many different channels. Including contact via Zalo, Email, hotline or online chat portal 24/7. Staff have good skills, always ready anytime, anywhere to support players and handle situations as quickly as possible.

Player information is 100% secure

All account information, passwords, and phone numbers used by players to register for the New88 football betting app are absolutely confidential. The application is integrated with modern technology, encrypting all data and storing it 100%, ensuring no leakage to third parties.

When there is a problem of forgetting your account or password and not being able to log in to the app, you just need to contact New88 Bookie’s customer service directly to have it re-supplied.

Instructions for downloading the New88 football betting app are simple and quick

To experience the New88 football betting app, you must download it to your device. Currently, New88 bookmaker supports all mobile versions of IOS and Android APK so anyone can download and play.

Android Device APK

To download the New88 football app to your Android device, you can download and extract the APK file to avoid errors. 5 specific steps are listed below:

  • Step 1: Visit the official page of bookmaker New88, there are currently many fake pages so you should be careful.
  • B2: Click Download App displayed in the New88 Football Betting section, select Android device → Download.
  • Step 3: The interface displays a download confirmation message, click Agree to start downloading.
  • Step 4: Wait about 1 – 3 minutes for the download process to complete, extract the file and be able to play New88 online football betting on mobile.
  • Step 5: Log in with New88 name and password to go to the main screen and play.

IOS devices

The download and installation process is similar to devices running the IOS operating system. Players must follow the following 4 steps to successfully download the New88 football betting app.
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  • Step 1: Click on the official website link of New88 Bookmaker.
  • Step 2: In the sports category, select soccer betting → Click Download app to appear link or scan the code directly for iPad and iPhone devices.
  • Step 3: The phone interface displays a notification of successful installation – Click Agree to accept the terms of the app.
  • B4: You log in to your New88 account, deposit money into your account to continuously close bets on big matches, earning huge rewards.

How to play New88 soccer betting online on website New88

In addition to downloading the app, soccer betting on New88 is still popular, the playing experience is as realistic as reality.

  • Step 1: Register/Log in to New88 official account, absolutely do not use other people’s fake information.
  • Step 2: On the New88 home page, select “Sports”, then choose one of the most popular halls like OW, SBOBET, BIT, IM…
  • B3: In the betting lobby there will be many subjects, you choose “Soccer”, tournament, game, odds and bet.
  • B4: After the end of the match, depending on the bet and payout ratio, you choose to pay if the player wins.

Note when betting on the New88 football app

In order to help you prepare well before betting on the New88 football app, we will reveal some notes from “veteran” players:

  • On weekdays, there are few matches and not many participants, so only bet about 1-2 games for entertainment, on weekends, a maximum of 5 games.
  • Distribute the betting money evenly for each match. Absolutely do not go all-in because you have prior information. If you are careless, you will lose everything.
  • Avoid bets with experts accepting difficult bets and high stakes because predicting the score is super difficult and very difficult to win.
  • Prioritize betting on big teams and senior tournaments because they have been pre-assessed and the winning rate is easier.
  • Focus on betting on Asian handicaps to make it easier to grasp and predict the correct score with a higher probability.

Instructions for downloading and closing bets New88 football betting app The above will help you “conquer” every tournament with just your phone. Don’t forget to follow the next issues of New88 Bookmaker to update many card games and betting at Asia’s leading New88 Bookie today.

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