What is ¾ Handicap? ¾ Handicap Betting Experience You Need to Know

What is a ¾ handicap is definitely something that soccer bettors are always interested in. By investing with this bet, you will have opportunities to earn effective bonuses. Below, let’s go New88 Learn about this type of bet. From there, bettors can make suitable choices for themselves.

What is information about ¾ handicap?

In soccer betting, there is a very familiar type of bet called the ¾ handicap. This is a form of asking for money to predict which team will win with two options: over and under. In particular, the team with the higher odds is the team with the ability to compete better and is highly appreciated for its skills. Therefore, the upper hand must win by scoring from 2 goals to be able to win legally. 

When participating at bookmakers, players will choose the symbol 0.5/1 or 0.75. This is the symbol to identify the ¾ bet in soccer betting. This is a very common choice in large-scale matches such as the Premier League, World Cup or AFF Cup. What makes it attractive is the impression of bonus rates and betting fluctuations. To be successful with this bet, you need to make sure you have good skills in assessment and calculation. 

Betting experience with 3/4 handicap that players need to know

Among handicaps, ¾ bet is a difficult form for new members. Because a difference of 2 goals is not easy in a football match. Therefore, players need to consult experience when betting on this bet. From here, we can ensure efficiency in the process of earning bonuses:

Choose potential matches with ¾ odds

The ¾ handicap has a high goal difference, requiring a difference of 2 goals. Accordingly, players need to spend money on matches with high potential. Specifically on international scales such as World Cup, C1 Cup, Premier League, AFF Cup,… Because this match brings together potential teams, they can create spectacular goals. 

With highly competitive nature and good player skills, the ability to overcome large handicaps is possible. At that time, there is a high possibility that the upper bet will win, so you can apply it if you participate in the upper bet. At the same time, with the big match, players also have more information to evaluate. This helps bettors make more appropriate and appropriate choices for the match.
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Manage your capital well with a ¾ handicap

Not only is the bet requiring a high number of goals, the 3/4 handicap also has large capital fluctuations. With this nature, players need to know how to manage their betting capital. Because otherwise, you will fall into the situation of losing money hastily and making big mistakes. 

Instead, bettors should divide their capital according to the limit of 50% – 30% – 20%. For 50%, bet on the big, high volatility game. The remaining 30% of players should be for 3/4 bets in smaller matches according to general regulations. 20% capital should be left in the account to avoid losing everything.

Follow and update the match situation

When betting with ¾ odds, players still have time and opportunity to change their choices. It will be very difficult if your betting is not based on the progress of the match. In other words, bettors should monitor the match situation to be able to make timely decisions. Especially when the match receives too many conflicting choices, putting players at risk. At this time, you must be very patient when participating and make the correct choice. 

Specifically, the underdog team tends to come back and create a draw, so change to the underdog. On the contrary, if the match is stable, you need to keep the bet based on the above odds. Accordingly, your betting experience becomes much more effective and safer. 

Accurate judgment is an effective way to bet on ¾ handicap

When betting with a 3/4 handicap, players need to judge accurately. To do this, tracking information is extremely important. Factors that you need to grasp such as performance, playing skills, historical achievements, recent encounters, etc. This will help players give an overall assessment of their ability to score goals. 

Especially when the upper team must score 2 goals to be eligible. Besides, players when betting on ¾ also need to pay attention to some side issues. Typically includes weather, field condition, health, coach’s personality, etc. This will help you make the right choice.


The information shared by New88 has helped players understand what a ¾ handicap is. At the same time, bettors can also confidently apply betting experience to bet money correctly. Thanks to that, new entertainment opportunities become effective, increasing the chances of earning rewards from the house. In addition, learn more about other types of bets such as What is the over/under bet? to be more proactive in the betting process.

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