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Ratsasan 2018

Ratsasan 2018 Tamil Movie Cast, Story, and Reviews

Ratsasan is a 2018 Tamil-language psychological thriller film written and directed by Ram Kumar. The film stars Vishnu Vishal and Amala Paul in the lead roles, with Radha Ravi, Nilalgal Ravi, and Munishkanth in supporting roles.


Vishnu Vishal plays the role of Arun Kumar, a struggling filmmaker who aspires to make a horror film. Amala Paul plays the role of Vijayalakshmi, a school teacher who is Arun’s love interest.

Radha Ravi plays the role of Christopher, a retired police officer who helps Arun in his investigation. Nilalgal Ravi plays the role of Gopi, Arun’s friend who is a sound designer. Munishkanth plays the role of Kumaran, a police officer who is Arun’s friend and colleague.

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The story revolves around Arun Kumar, a struggling filmmaker who aspires to make a horror film. However, he is forced to shelve his dream due to financial constraints. Meanwhile, a series of murders take place in the city, and the police are unable to find the culprit.

Arun becomes obsessed with the case and decides to investigate it on his own. He uses his filmmaking skills to analyze the crime scenes and comes up with a theory that the killer is a psychopath who is obsessed with a particular sound.

As Arun delves deeper into the case, he realizes that the killer is targeting school girls, and he sets out to save the next potential victim.


Ratsasan received critical acclaim for its screenplay, direction, and performances. The film was noted for its taut screenplay and gripping narrative, which kept the audience on the edge of their seats.

Vishnu Vishal’s performance as Arun Kumar was highly praised, with critics hailing it as one of his best performances. Amala Paul also received praise for her portrayal of Vijayalakshmi.

In conclusion, Ratsasan is a must-watch film for those who enjoy psychological thrillers. The film boasts a talented cast and an engaging storyline that keeps the audience hooked from beginning to end. If you haven’t watched the film yet, we highly recommend it!

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