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Matka 2024

“Matka” is expected to be a compelling period action thriller in Telugu that transports viewers to another era. This movie, directed by Karuna Kumar—the man behind “Palsa” fame and featuring Varun Tej in the title role- is a story that takes place in 1958–1982 and is set against the picturesque background of Vizag. You can anticipate the following in “Matka”:

The cast of the Film

In the significant role, Varun Tej is joined by Meenakshi Chaudhary and Nora Fatehi, who both have noteworthy roles. In supporting roles, the movie also stars Naveen Chandra, Kishore, Ajaygosh, Mime Gopi, Ravishankar P, and Karthikeya Dev, forming a varied and accomplished group.

Film Story

“Matka” is based on a true story with a significant national impact. The narrative spans 24 years and captures the spirit of a time when many important changes occurred. The Movie, set in the charming city of Vizag, promises to be a compelling mix of drama, action, and historical detail while providing an insight into a significant period in Indian history.

Film Trailer

Anticipated to provide a glimpse into the Movie’s action-packed scenes, period-specific locales, and character depth, the trailer for “Matka” is widely expected. Period drama trailers frequently showcase the scope of the picture and the painstaking attention to detail that goes into accurately portraying the era, raising anticipations for an aesthetically spectacular cinematic experience.

Date of Release

The movie “Matka” is scheduled to open in theaters in 2024. Fans are excitedly anticipating another incredible performance from Varun Tej and Karuna Kumar’s distinctive narrative style as the Movie release date draws near.

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Date of OTT Release

The release date of “Matka” on OTT has not yet been disclosed. Fans may anticipate watching “Matka” from the comfort of their homes thanks to the trend of movies finding their way to digital platforms soon after their theatrical release, guaranteeing that the captivating story reaches a larger audience.

In addition to showcasing Varun Tej’s range as an actor, “Matka” is expected to bring to life a historically significant and deeply emotional tale. This Movie is expected to significantly impact the Telugu Movie industry’s historical action thriller genre because of its excellent cast, director, and production crew. “Matka” is a movie worth seeing whether you enjoy historical fiction or just a fantastic, action-packed drama.

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