Learn About Central Lottery and How to Play in Details From A to Z

Central region lottery This is a traditional type of lottery betting that is loved by many people. However, not everyone knows how to play and related information. Follow the article below to understand more details about this form of lottery!

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Basic information about the Central region lottery

Understanding what the Central traditional lottery is and the benefits of betting, you will have the confidence and motivation to participate in buying winning numbers.

What is Central Lottery?

Central region lottery or Central traditional lottery is a popular type of lucky number betting in Vietnam. This type of lottery ticket will only be sold and issued in the provinces of the Central region. Therefore, players living in the Northern and Southern regions cannot participate in playing this traditional lottery.

This type of lottery was first launched in Khanh Hoa in 1988 and is managed and operated by the Central Lottery Council. In the decades since its inception, XSMT has grown significantly, contributing to the state budget, while attracting many players in the Central region to participate every day.

Benefits of betting on Central region lottery

Compared to the Southern lottery and the Northern lottery, the Central region lottery attracts fewer participants but its appeal is undeniable. The benefits of participating in Central region lottery betting are:

  • Because it is a long-standing traditional form of lottery, it will ensure prestige for everyone participating.
  • XSMT is legally recognized by the state, bettors can rest assured about the transparency of prize draws and payouts.
  • When you buy Central region lottery tickets, you are contributing to the state budget. This fund is used for social and community activities such as: building schools, hospitals, charity houses, natural disaster relief, charity work, and creating jobs for workers.
  • Participating in the Central region lottery gives you and your family the opportunity to change your life every day. The highest prize value of this form is 2 billion VND, this is a huge reward, helping you become a billionaire.
  • Participating in playing the lottery helps relieve stress and fatigue and find lucky opportunities. The lottery atmosphere brings players excitement, excitement and joy when winning prizes.

Central region lottery prize structure

When participating in betting, everyone will certainly be interested in the prize structure. Here are the detailed information Game Bài Đổi Thưởng gives players:

  • 1 Special Prize worth 2 billion VND/winning ticket
  • 10 First Prizes worth 30 million VND/winning ticket
  • 10 Second prizes worth 15 million VND/winning ticket
  • 20 Third prizes worth 10 million VND/winning ticket
  • 70 Fourth prizes worth 3 million VND/winning ticket
  • 100 Fifth Prizes worth 1 million VND/winning ticket
  • 300 Sixth Prizes worth 400 thousand VND/winning ticket
  • The seventh prize is worth 200 thousand VND/winning ticket
  • 10,000 Eighth Prize worth 100 thousand VND/winning ticket
  • 45 consolation prizes worth 6 million VND for each winning ticket if you only choose 1 wrong number in the Special Prize.
  • 9 special prizes worth 50 million VND each if the lottery ticket matches the last 5 numbers of the Special Prize.

The winner will go to the Provincial Lottery Company where the ticket was purchased to receive the prize or the local representative office. Note that it is unchanged at private agents to ensure benefits and limit risks when receiving bonuses.

Tips for betting on Central region lottery

To bet on lottery effectively, you should not only rely on luck but also need to learn some lottery prediction methods.

Exclude numbers that have already appeared

To buy winning lottery tickets, players should refer to methods of detecting numbers and eliminating the numbers that appear. Specifically, look up tickets that have appeared in recent lottery results, remove them if they have appeared before because the possibility of winning again is not high. In case that number sequence has not appeared, try buying it to see if that Central region lottery ticket will bring you luck or not!

Buy lottery tickets in groups

Buying lottery tickets is considered one of the betting methods that brings good results. Because when buying in groups, everyone contributes capital to buy many lottery tickets at the same time, the winning rate will definitely be higher. However, with this way of playing, you will have to divide the winning amount equally among everyone if you win.

Be sure to see accurate results

During the process of playing the Central region lottery, special attention should be paid to looking up lottery results. One day, there are many different stations drawing prizes. If you don’t pay close attention, you may lose the opportunity to receive a big prize. For example, if a buyer has a lottery ticket that wins a huge amount of money but mistakenly guesses the number 3 with the number 8, he has lost the opportunity to receive the prize.


Hopefully through that information Game bài đổi thưởng By sharing, you will understand more about how to play the Central region lottery and grasp information about the amount of money when winning the lottery. In addition, if you want convenient lottery betting, register an account to have a better experience.

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