Introducing in detail how to play Uno for beginners

If you are still wondering how to play Uno, please follow the article below. One of the most attractive games today and winning or losing is determined based on cards. With simple rules, winning is not easy, you need tips, follow this article Kubet nhe.

A brief introduction to how to play Uno

Uno is a famous game that originated in the US and later began to be imported to Vietnam and gradually became popular. Basically, this game is quite entertaining and requires players to have strategies.

Besides, before learning how to play Uno cards, you need to clearly understand their effects. Overall, there are 108 cards divided into numbers and functions. Specifically:

Number cards

For the number card, there will be 76 cards and divided into 4 different colors such as: Blue, yellow, green, red. In addition, each color includes 19 cards with numbers from 0 to 9. However, when playing, you need to be careful not to let your opponent see your cards.

Functional cards

In playing Uno, the function cards possess special effects that bring many outstanding advantages including: Skip Cards, Reverse Cards, Draw 2 Cards. 2), Wild Draw 4 Cards and Wild Cards (Change color). In there:

  • Skip Cards: This card will include 8 cards and corresponding to 4 different colors. If you play this piece, the next person will lose their turn.
  • Reverse Cards: This card will be able to help you reverse in case your opponent wins +4 or +2 cards and will have the right to attack first.
  • Wild Cards: This card is up to you to play, others need to play according to the color you just changed.
  • Wild Draw 4 Cards: You have the right to play freely as well as choose the color of your choice, forcing the next person to follow and ask to draw 4 more cards.
  • Wild Cards: When you play this card, ask the next person to draw 2 more cards.

Basic rules and how to play Uno

For those new to the game, it is probably quite unclear how to play Uno and the rules. However, no need to worry because we will share with you some basic rules as follows:

  • Before starting, you need to choose a representative to deal the cards, then each member will receive 7 cards and the remaining cards will be placed in the middle.
  • Next, the dealer will pick one card and proceed to play.
  • The next people are responsible for playing cards of the same color or corresponding number.
  • In case there is none, you need to pick a card from the pile in the middle.
  • Continue until there are only 2 cards left in your hand, then shout Uno. If you forget and are discovered by your opponent, you will be punished by drawing two more cards.

Thus, whoever finishes first will win and the scoring method is as follows:

  • Cards from 0 to 9 will be scored accordingly.
  • Cards drawn 2, banned or reversed will be counted as 20 points.
  • For cards that change color, drawing 4 will be worth 50 points.
  • The total number of points your opponent lost in that round will be added to you when you win the bet.
  • Continue until someone reaches 500 points, ending the game.

Other game rules

In addition, when playing Uno there are other rules you need to understand as follows:
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  • Combo rule: When your opponent plays +4 or +2 cards towards you, if you have the corresponding cards in your hand, you can lower them and the total number of drawn cards will be added to the next person.
  • Rules for playing face down: There are also special cases in playing Uno. Accordingly, when you own two cards with the same number and color, you can always lower them, but please notify others that you are double playing or you will be caught at fault.

Things to note when playing Uno

After learning how to play Uno, if you want to win, you need to note the following:

  • You should pay attention to the cards so as not to miss the opportunity to double play.
  • Use the most flexible and appropriate Wild Draw 4 Cards.
  • You can keep the last Wild Draw 4 Cards and Wild Cards to increase your chances of winning.
  • Use the strategy of drawing cumulatively instead of 2 or 4 cards after the previous player draws 2 and 4.
  • It is necessary to have a strategy for each round so that the cards are played most reasonably.


Above is all the detailed information we guide you through How to play Uno Simple and things to keep in mind when participating. Hopefully it will bring you an enjoyable experience after a long, tiring day of working with everyone and win great rewards.

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