How to play Thomo cockfighting online at New88

Thomo cockfighting is one of the most popular and dramatic types of betting that is enjoyed by many bettors at Bookmaker New88. With modern machinery and technology, the house will live live from the cockfighting arenas, synthesizing the fighting cocks so you can have the most satisfying entertainment. Don’t miss the super simple instructions for playing Thomo cockfighting New88 Share below.

Advantages of playing Thomo cockfighting online

Thomo is considered one of the largest cockfighting arenas currently based in Cambodia, directly linked with online bookmakers so you can bet freely. When joining Thomo cockfighting arena, players will be completely satisfied with the following series of advantages:

  • Thomo is a cockfighting arena that operates legally, is strictly inspected and monitored in Cambodia, so there is no need to worry about scams.
  • The live transmission line has been upgraded extremely quickly, millions of people accessing it at the same time can still operate easily, without lag or network congestion.
  • The multi-dimensional surveillance camera system operates continuously, ensuring transparent betting, and bettors are committed to their rights.
  • Before being sent to the fighting field, the chickens are inspected to maintain their performance at the highest level, so you can rest assured.
  • The betting reward speed is fast, the money is immediately returned to the account without any fees.
  • If any problem occurs during Thomo cockfighting betting, the team will quickly handle it, helping players have the best experience.

Thomo chicken odds game rules

To participate in Thomo chicken betting, you must first clearly understand the game rules and some specific regulations from the house. Below are some basic game rules that bettors must grasp:

Before kicking:

Thomo stone arena has a similar design to other arenas, and the rules of the match are similar. Before the match takes place, the fighting cock will be placed in the center of the field, with the cock holding tightly, and will be released when the whistle blows to start.

Time of online Thomo cockfighting round:

Each round of Thomo kicks only lasts 15 minutes, after which time, whether you win or lose, you must take a break. After 5 minutes of rest, water and minerals, the chickens will continue to be put into the fighting yard until it is decided which bird will win before stopping. The Thomo cockfighting match has no limit on the number of rounds.

Some regulations about Thomo cockfights:

  • Heavy chicken: > 4 kg.
  • Medium chicken: From 3 – 4kg.
  • Lightweight chicken: < 3kg.

Based on the night, you can consider and bet money on the appropriate first game, the probability of winning will be higher.

Rules in the Thomo cockfighting ring

The referee determines the winner or loser in the Thomo cockfighting ring based on many different criteria. Bookmaker New88 will offer many bets for you to participate in.

After one of the two cocks is knocked down in the middle of the round, the referee will blow the whistle and conduct a 10-second countdown. If during that time the cock cannot recover enough to stand up and fight again, the match is over. Thomo cockfighting arena will have some other rules such as if a cock gives up without fighting, then the other side wins.

Instructions for playing Thomo New88 cockfighting

To play Thomo New88 cockfighting is extremely simple, no different from regular cockfighting betting. The biggest difference is that the match will be live from the arena so you can easily follow and grasp the cock’s condition:

  • Step 1: Register/log in to New88 to create a Thomo cockfighting account.
  • Step 2: Deposit money into New88 wallet to place bets.
  • Step 3: Enter the Cockfighting lobby, choose the appropriate Thomo cockfighting match and bet on your favorite cock.
  • Step 4: Follow the match, when the result is winning, the bonus will be transferred immediately to your account.

Thomo cockfighting betting experience

Thomo cockfighting is attractive, lively, and has a high house bonus rate, so there is no shortage of participants. To win, you must pocket the following experiences:

  • Choose a reputable, legal bookmaker like New88 Bookmaker to ensure transparency and not lose bets.
  • If a good bet appears, don’t place it hastily, but consider carefully and not fall into the house’s trap.
  • Understand the game rules and specific Thomo Cockfighting bets to play safely and avoid the risk of losing everything due to ignorance.
  • You should not bet too much on the same game, but divide the bet evenly to play for a long time and reduce risks.
  • Learn how to analyze a cock’s health and performance, and look at the competition history to see if there is a high chance of winning or not.

With information about Thomo cockfighting, how to play at Bookie New88 and some experiences shared above, you can confidently participate and win. At New88, we constantly update new games and diverse bets to help you have the best entertainment experience.

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