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Boxing is a highly demanding sport, and in addition to physical power, coordination, and speed, presuppose the use of correct gear to provide protection and facilitate the rehearsals. From the necessary equipment, a pair of gloves is important to safeguard the hands and wrists of a boxer. Even though Hayabusa targets the upper market where premium boxing equipment is sold, they also have a line of cheaper products, but it does not mean they are low quality. In this article, we discuss the main features of cheap Hayabusa boxing gloves, their advantages, and the best models of gloves for every fighter to emphasize that a high-quality weapon can be purchased for every boxer. 

Importance of Boxing Gloves:

Punching mitts are a means of protecting the hands and wrists of the boxer as well as reducing the implications on the opposing fighter. They are very essential in excluding risks such as broken bones, twisted ankles, and deep cuts. The different pairs of gloves offer the right amount of cushion and protection that is required for training and then finally the boxing matches. Also, tight-fitting gloves act as a performance enabler because they give the wearer the ability to be precise in his/her movements. 

Features of Hayabusa Boxing gloves: 

Hayabusa is recognized for its focus on both quality and new solutions. Their allegiance is also reflected even when it comes to their cheaper boxing gloves. Here are some key features you can expect from Hayabusa gloves:

Durability: Hayabusa gloves are designed from synthetic leather material that provides high quality a durable and long-lasting product. The material is also specifically chosen to be able to stand up to the general amount of use that is required of it without getting damaged easily. 

Protection: The existence of a multi-layered foam padding that effectively absorbs shock helps in preventing common accidents to the hands and wrists. 

Fit and Comfort: Hayabusa gloves were designed with an ergonomic technique to fit the natural curve of your hand while being comfortable. Most interior linings are antimicrobial to prevent the accumulation of smell and bacteria. 

Secure Closure: The hook-and-loop closure system gives the gloves added security for when one is training, while at the same time protecting the wrists and avoiding possible incidents. 

Advantages of using Hayabusa Boxing Gloves 

The superior design and construction of Hayabusa boxing gloves translate into numerous benefits for boxers of all levels: 

Enhanced Protection: They are very comfortable on the hands and wrists thus minimizing the chances of one getting injured especially during training and sparring. 

Improved Performance: In this manner, fights can be made safer for the competitor and there is less risk of causing hand and wrist injuries that may affect the punch. 

Comfort and Durability: The ergonomic design and the quality of the material used in the production of the gloves lets you wear the gloves for long training sessions without focusing on the discomfort of the hands and also the gloves are built to last long. 

Hygiene: The interior lining is made of antimicrobial fabric to reduce bacteria accumulation on the gloves and hence they are less stinky compared to the traditional ones, and thus can be used more often. 

Best S4 leather boxing gloves:

While Hayabusa is often associated with premium pricing, the brand offers several affordable options that provide excellent value for money: While Hayabusa is often associated with premium pricing, the brand offers several affordable options that provide excellent value for money: 

Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves 

Features: The S4 gloves are made out of synthetic leather which is very strong and has a pre-curved design that follows the shape of the hand. Among them, they have a single strap closure system to ensure enough support for the wrist. 

Pros: Able to sustain the mass of the striker due to the foam inside and cheap, comfortable in respects, suitable for beginner and intermediate boxers. 

Cons: The use of a single strap for closure might not offer much support to the wrist offered by models above this brand.

Hayabusa T3 Kanpeki Boxing Gloves

Features: Though the price for the T3 Kanpeki is a little higher than the Tissot S4, it comes with features like; Dual strap closure for added support for your wrist and it has multiple layers of foam for better shock protection.

Pros: Supportive to the wrists and hands, very strong, very attractive. 

Cons: Priced comparatively higher than most of the budget brands while containing the ability to offer quality for a good price. 

Hayabusa Ikusa Charged Boxing Gloves

Features: The protective material used in these gloves consists of high-density foam that will give a proper fit to the wearer. Synthetics are used for its construction and this makes the material light but very strong. 

Pros: Affordable, security, and comfort were stated as key benefits of the cases. 

Cons: Limited color options. 

Tips for Choosing the Right Hayabusa Gloves:

Assess Your Training Needs: Identify whether you would require gloves just for practice, for practice that mimics sparring, or for sparring or competition. This will assist you in establishing the right weight as well as style. 

Consider Your Budget: Of course, more often than not, cheap is expensive; hence, the price of an item should be relative to the specific services offered by Hayabusa that are most suitable to the client. 

Check Sizing: Make sure to choose the right size of the shoes for a proper fit that would not only be comfortable but would also offer enough protection. 

Read Reviews: Check reviews left by customers to know how the gloves fare and how long they will last. 


Hayabusa boxing gloves are the best if at all you want to get quality boxing gloves that are however on the cheap side. The quality that is associated with the brand’s products can also be seen in their cheap products which provide extra protection, comfort, and toughness. They are good whether you are an amateur boxer or a professional and by choosing a Hayabusa glove, you are assured of great equipment that improves your training session and also protects your hands and wrists. Hayabusa allows you to take your fighting to the next level with gloves such as the S4, T3 Kanpeki, and Ikusa Charged at reasonable prices.

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