Detailed instructions on how to play O Quan Quan for 2 players

O quan quan, short name is o quan or o village, this is exactly an ancient folk game of Vietnamese people. For most children, this is not just a game, but a vivid “memory”, a constant source of inspiration for beautiful memories. Together Kubet Discover detailed ways to play O An Quan for two people in the article below.

Learn about the game O Quan Quan

O An Quan is a folk game that has been present for many years in Vietnam. Quan Quan is played on a U-shaped chessboard, with each side of the “U” being each player’s house. On the chessboard there are 14 holes, each hole can contain a number of stones or pebbles depending on the region 

The object of the game is to move and collect beads from hole to hole to accumulate points. Players can move beads according to certain rules, and the winner is the one with the most beads when all holes are empty.

Discover detailed rules and how to play O Quan Quan for 2 people

Accordingly, the rules of mandarin dining tables often vary depending on the region. But the main rules must ensure excitement and require players to think. Let’s explore the rules and how to play O Quan Quan as follows:

Two players play the game of rock and paper or by agreement to find the first player. At this time, the player will use 5 pieces in any square to spread to the squares on his side. Each cell will have a corresponding piece scattered and in which direction depends on the player. 

When they run out of pieces, the player will continue to spread in the selected direction with the next box containing the pieces, using all of that piece to continue spreading. In case the next square is a Quan square, only 1 scatter piece can be taken. If an empty cell is followed by a cell with a piece, the player captures all the pieces in that cell, removing them from the table. 

The player will be able to capture the pieces in the box if all the pieces are spread and there is an empty box next to it. In addition, in case the next square is unpopulated or there are 2 or more empty cells, you will lose your turn and the right to continue will belong to the opponent.

The game will end when both sides have captured all the pieces in their Quan squares. If there are no officers but there are still people and troops in the squares belonging to the player who owns them; This situation can be called the end of officials, the people are gone, the army is withdrawn, the army is pulled back, or the officials are gone, the people are gone, the army is withdrawn, the fields are sold… depending on each region. 

How to play O Quan Quan for about 3 or 4 people 

In addition to the 2-player way of playing O Quan Quan, there are also 3-player or 4-player forms of play. But with these two forms of play, the way of calculating points and moving pieces is quite similar, but the table structure is different. 

For example, in the case of playing with 3 people, the table will have 15 squares containing soldiers and civilians. The game table is designed into a triangle with 3 equal corners, each corner contains 1 square. The sides of the triangle are divided equally into 5 squares each, where the army and people are located. Players will be arranged to sit in squares under their control.
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Besides, there is a 4-player square game with the same gameplay but the table will increase to 20 squares. At this time, the game table is square in shape with 4 corners being the eating boxes. The remaining square edges are divided into 5 squares. Players will sit alternately on the sides of the square, controlling their population squares and playing order clockwise.

Tips to win when participating in the game O Can Quan

Although playing O Quan Quan is easy, you still need to have some tips to win as follows:

  • When playing, you should observe the table to identify squares with many people, helping to create a greater opportunity to capture the opponent’s pieces.
  • When moving troops, they should be spread evenly to avoid the situation where many troops are concentrated in one square. 
  • If during play you realize that your opponent is about to take a lot of pieces, hinder them by moving your pieces.
  • In case the player sees that the opponent is leading, find a way to attack to reverse the situation.
  • When you see a box on your side with a lot of people, remember to put a high priority on protecting and fortifying it.
  • In particular, players must clearly understand the rules and how to play O Quan Quan so as not to be surprised by their opponent’s playing style. 

The following entire article has been shared about How to play O Quan Quan Details for 2 people, 3 people and 4 people. O An Quan is not only a joy of childhood but also a bridge connecting generations. When playing, remember to apply flexible strategies, steady movement skills and the ability to analyze opponents to win big. 

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